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The recent amendments to CPSL allows mandated reporters to make a written report online.If you make an oral report to Child Line you must follow-up with a written report, which may be submitted electronically, within 48 hours.On July 1, 2009, Pennsylvania joined a growing number of states that prohibit hospitals and certain health care facilities from requiring nurses and other health care workers to work overtime.

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For those of us who are mandated reporters, education on the definition of child abuse, types of child abuse, process of reporting etc.The Fair Labor Standards Act, a federal labor law that outlines the rules for minimum wage and overtime, says that the vast majority of American workers should be paid at premium rates for working extra hours.But the Fair Labor Standards Act doesn’t set any limit on how many hours an employee can work in a week, and most employers are well within their legal rights requiring employees to work overtime.Your supervisor may assist you in making the report (for example, sit with you for support if you are uncomfortable in the process) as long as they do not interfere in any way with the making of the report.

Afterward, you should inform your supervisor (or whoever is designated at your place of employment) about the report. You do not have to investigate or be certain of the abuse, or even know the name of the person who is suspected of abusing a child.

Although the law also covers individuals employed through third-party personnel agencies to perform these services, physicians, physician’s assistants, dentists, and workers who do not care directly for patients or perform clinical care services are not covered by the mandatory overtime prohibition.

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