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\ » Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Toronto Opera hactenus inedita Rogeii Baconi Fasc. To avoid errors of this kind, it early became necessary to make some arrangement for calculating the date of Easter in advance and communicating it to Christians all over the world ; this seems to have been done in the Churches of Alexandria and of Rome by Paschal letters to the various bishops. 3 i i) is an Irish forgery of about 556 a.d., written against the Alexandrian 19-year cycle, which appears to have reached Ireland about that time (see Engl.

VI COMPOTUS FRATRIS ROGERI ACCEDUNT COMPOTUS ROBERTI GROSSECAPITIS LINCOLNIENSIS EPISCOPI I MASSA COMPOTI ALEXANDRI DE VILLA DEI NUNC PRIMUM EDIDIT ROBERT STEELE ^ O \A X I OXONII E TYPOGRAPHEO CLARENDONIANO M CM XXVI Oxford University Press London Edinburgh Glasgow Copenhagen New York Toronto Melbourne Cape Town Bombay Calcutta Madras Shanghai Humphrey Milford Publisher to the University /^ HENRICO BRADLEY INTER DOCTOS DOCTISSIMO INTER AMICOS CONIUNCTISSIMO QUI COPIAM MIRI ACUMINIS IN LITTERIS ANGLICIS SIBI VINDICAVIT NECNON LIBERALISSIME COMMUNICAVIT IN PI AM MEMORIAM R. The calculations were made by the aid of cycles, tables showing the number of years that would elapse before the Paschal new moon would happen again on the same day of the week on the same day of the calendar month.

KALENDARIUM .199 COMPOTUS VENERABILIS PATRIS DOMINI ET SANCTI ROBERTI GROSSECAPITIS LINCOLNIENSIS EPIS- COPI FACTUS AD CORRECTIONEM COMMUNIS KALENDARII NOSTRI 212 Chapter headings on p. The Christian Pascha was celebrated on the Sunday of * The spelling Computus is followed when the word is used as English. VIll the week of unleavened bread because Sunday was the chief Christian feast-day, the Feast of the Resurrection, and it was thus that the Pascha came to be associated rather with the Resurrection than the Sacrifice of Christ. The development of the Computus resolves itself into three con- troversies — the method for calculating in advance the date of Easter ; the basis of the Christian era ; and the faults of the calendar. The Passover was observed in this month, and as the Crucifixion and Resurrection were connected with this in date by the story of the Evangelists, Jewish Christians naturally kept Easter in the earliest times on the evening of the fourteenth day of the first month. Augustine, De Mirabilibus is an Irish forgery in favour of an i i-year cycle. D.) the Northumbrian churches adopted the Roman use, and in 7 16 a. lona came into line with the rest of the Christian World. The oldest treatise on the Computus we have is the De Pascha Computus of Cyprian [Corp.

These two are big on fun, family, and each other — and it totally shows in all the photos!

The date of the equinox was gradually changing, so that while one part of the world might retain the traditional date (25 March) another would adopt a date astronomically true (e.g. If a fourteenth of the moon fell between these dates, Easter would be celebrated in some countries in March ; while others kept it in April.

IX As Christianity grew, it severed all connexion with Judaism, and the formula for Easter came to depend on the fourteenth of the moon after a fixed vernal equinox, thus introducing a new source of difference.

"David and I had known each other for about five years before we finally got together at mutual friend's wedding.

We were both single for a long time before that, waiting for the right person.

The wedding was on Sat 11th Oct 2008, and our first date was two days later!

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