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They go out in the world and happen to things." Da Vinci: "It is a great fault ... [Why people do so] has often been a source of wonder to me." Da Vinci: "A man ... For the philosopher it is the mortal sin." Popper: "The true Enlightenment thinker ... [I] immediately showed some absurdity in his proposition." Franklin: "Debates [should] be conducted in the sincere spirit of inquiry after truth, without ... In truth I found myself incorrigible with respect to order." Richard Feynman Physicist Feynman: "I have approximate answers and possible beliefs ... It is often the result of a long series of precise and well-chosen steps that precede events and are not perceived by the common herd." Catherine: "I [am] horribly curious." Catherine: "One should argue without anger or passion." [On her childhood:] Catherine: "There was no boy more daring than I." Markus Cruse: "There is no one Catherine. Those who rely simply on the lion do not understand." Friedrich Nietzsche: "[Machiavelli presents] the most serious events in a boisterous ...Those accusations usually come from an ENTP whose life revolves around extroverted intuition, or just being unique.A will revolve around statements like "you're just too stubborn" (to the ENTJ), or "you don't know how the real world works" (to the ENTP).and therefore you must learn to act on things which you still very much doubt." Julian Baggini: "Russell brought philosophy down to earth, with clarity and wit." Ayn Rand: "Hume was merely the Bertrand Russell of his time." John Stuart Mill Philosopher Mill: "I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid.I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative." Mill: "Stupidity is much the same all the world over.

This section will help you see where the potential for conflict exists between personality types and help you manage it.

However, personality dynamics are more complex than this.

It does not just extend to the difference or similarity in individual preferences but goes deeper than that.

An argument between an ENTP and an ENTJ is often a spectacular thing to watch and their flaws can only be obvious to an outsider.

Most conflict between these two personalities happens because ENTJs and ENTPs represent two different spheres of thinking which serve as a sort of critique towards each other.

Confident and authoritative the ENTJ will take the lead rarely hesitating and with a directness that can often leave others reeling in their wake having no time for anything seen as woolly or obstructive.