Dating first cousins

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An interesting light on this is advice to health professionals on an NHS website that warns them not be judgemental - presumably not necessary if there was no perceived stigma.

A pair of middle-class/upper-class first cousins gets hitched in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park (1814).

Although never outlawed in England, during the second half of the 19 century, many states began to ban marriages between first cousins, as part of a larger movement after the Civil War for greater state involvement in a variety of areas, including education, health and safety.

Researchers note that the distinction in marriage bans between England and the U. may be explained by the fact that, in the United States, the practice “was associated not with the aristocracy and upper middle class [Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were second cousins] but with much easier targets: immigrants and the rural poor.” Regardless, cousin marriage bans began popping up across the states, with the first in Kansas (1858).

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I'm not sure how that would influence attitudes in the rest of the population - seems to me it could go either way. Getting to the nub of the OP, as a Brit, I feel the general attitude would be a raised eyebrow and probably snide jokes about Deliverance but not disgust or shock.president married his fifth cousin, once removed, Eleanor Roosevelt.The two met as children but become close at a party at the White House hosted by the president at the time, and shared relative, Teddy Roosevelt. The author of the eerie “The Island of Dr Moreau”—a science fiction novel about a doctor who creates human-like beings out of animals—did some dangerous mixing of genes in his own life and married his first cousin, Isabel Mary Wells.When we were growing up we often spent summers at our grandparents.

Alison and I were particularly close and we always stayed in contact when we went to university.

I'm curious about the prevailing attitudes in the UK.