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A species of sea snail from the periwinkle family, called Echinolittorina punctate, which historically lived in the southern Mediterranean Sea, is now to be found off the south coast of France.Writing in the journal , the researchers from the UK and Australia said: “Shifts in species ranges are a global phenomenon, well known to occur in response to a changing climate.Most nitrogen atoms have seven protons and seven neutrons, so their atomic mass is 7 7 = 14.The fact that it has seven protons is what makes it nitrogen.Tropical fish and other marine species have been discovered hundred of miles further north in waters from California to the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, according to a new study.Researchers examined reports of “first sightings” of new species from around the world as part of efforts to monitor how marine creatures react to rising ocean temperatures.This response has been dubbed the “Lilliput effect” – a reference to the fictional island inhabited by tiny people in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.Now it seems that the Lilliput effect is poised to return, as a direct result of present-day ocean acidification.

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A Monrovia doctorfish was discovered in European Atlantic waters – just off the coast of Portugal – for the first time in 2013.

Since protons and neutrons weigh about the same, the atomic mass of ordinary carbon is 6 6 = 12.

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