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29-Sep-2017 22:04

This is the fourth in a series of articles that look at the evolution of deposit insurance in America.Last month looked at private deposit insurance, this article presents an overview of deposit insurance in America, with an emphasis on American Share Insurance (ASI). The company, which insures deposits for credit unions, has been in business more than 40 years. While at one time they faced competition, they outlasted them all. Their philosophy from the beginning was simple, credit unions should be able to meet the needs of their members without undue outside interference in daily operations.ASI emphasizes that it is an insurer and not a regulator.They aren’t keen on meddling, that’s a job for individual state credit union authorities. It is a credit-owned share insurance fund with a board of directors and advisory council that is made up of president and CEOs of its member credit unions.Latest annual registration report year of Asi Liquidating Co., Inc. There are 3 officers and directors in this company.

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Truebite delivered the goods, but didn’t receive payment, so executives followed up with Corp Logo Ware to get paid for the ,300 order.There are no historic names of Asi Liquidating Co., Inc. Unlike banks and thrifts, credit union member deposits are insured up to 0,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government, or by American Mutual Share Insurance Corporation (ASI), a private deposit insurance fund that operates in nine states. In the information that follows, credit unions insured by the NCUA are referred to as "federally insured" and credit unions insured by American Share are referred to as "privately insured." In general, the coverage provided members of federally insured credit unions is 0,000 per member, irrespective of how many accounts each member holds with a specific credit union; whereas, each depository account of a member at a privately insured credit union is insured to 0,000 -- irrespective of the number of depository accounts each member has with that privately insured credit union.You can find this business office address at 1007 Virginia Ave Ste 202B, Atlanta, Ga, 30354-1325, Usa.

GPS latitude of this address is 33° 39' 33.7" N, and longitude is 84° 25' 20.3" W.This is one advantage of a credit union being privately insured.