A serial shares guide to internet dating

27-Dec-2017 21:40

Reams of academic texts have been written on the subject, while analysts and fund managers have attempted to build stock-picking models based on these 'insider trades' - with differing degrees of success.

With directors' dealings, the trick is being able decide exactly which transactions are important. Well, share trades made by newly appointed company directors are no guide whatsoever to the health of a company.

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Those suffering with any form of Internet blues from headache to heartache, you are not alone!

Many people who have met on the Internet are quietly regretting their online decisions offline.

She is detailed in sharing what exactly it means to slow down a bit on the information superhighway in this work.

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It is no longer fun to meet people online if the offline connection is lost. In this book, "Too Much Too Soon Internet Dating Blues," inspirational speaker and author Nicholl Mc Guire provides advice on making better connections, being more discerning when online, dealing with offline issues, and anticipating what might lie ahead when things go terribly wrong.

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Having dated in the past online and offline, Mc Guire shares some lessons learned and reminds readers often why it is so important to take your time when dating.

The time frame of the storyline jumps between two different time periods-19th century and the present day.

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